Patrick Poon, a China Researcher from Hong Kong’s chapter of Amnesty International shared his insights with The Pandora Times and the organization’s global call for action to protect fundamental rights of an indigenous group, Uyghurs (or Uighurs).

Poon’s research team spoke to at least 100 Uyghur exiles, most of whom reside in nearby countries in Turkey and Kazakhstan. Human rights groups and journalists are virtually banned from entering the region, let alone verify the population of Uyghur Muslims detained in camps.

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Chinese Human Rights Defenders, a DC-based non-governmental organization counted disproportionate numbers of people have criminal charges and arrests weighed against them. From 2013-2017, there was a 306% rise in formal arrests of Uyghurs where at least 1 in 10 of them were detained.

Justified by the Communist Party of China as “transformation-through-reeducation”, former detainees and incarcerated people expose arbitrary conditions in camps, separation of children from parents to be kept until further notice in boarding schools as far away from the “ideological virus” of Islam as possible.

Poon, like many other international human rights advocates are rightfully vocal against state-sanctioned abuses. Since the 2009 inter-communal riots in Urumqi that left hundreds dead, China launched a self-evident “Strike Hard” campaign under the guise of counter-terrorism. At the time, leaders of majority-Muslim states denounced the crackdown likened to “genocide” by Turkish President Erdogan.

Fast forward to 2018 and you hear radio silence from the same Muslim states and its namesake institutions. The Organization of Islamic States (OIS) have taken no measures against the forced disappearance and internment of over a million Uyghur Muslims.

The mainstream media on the left just picked up the case of unending oppression, a direct violation of international law even influencing the US State Department to express their concerns on the “worsening crackdown”.

But it all whittles down to one question: where is the organized international pressure from major human rights bodies? Does China’s membership in the UN Security Council deflect international actions imposed by the council?

Uyghur communities are becoming increasingly resistant to China’s categorical denial of Orwellian brainwashing. Those who fled detention are anything but pro-Communist, their hardened attitude mobilizing grassroots activists to publicly lambast Xi Jinping’s unlawful use of force against an unarmed indigenous group.

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